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Step-by-step Functional Verification with SystemVerilog and OVM

The e Hardware Verification Language (English)

The e Hardware Verification Language (Japanese)

Any survey of design teams will point to functional verification as a top concern in meeting both quality and productivity targets. The fact that at times, functional verification consumes up to 70% of the design effort further validates this observation.
Addressing the functional verification challenge is a core ingredient in our recipe for successfully addressing the challenge to meet quality and productivity targets. To that end, our services business is focused on three fronts:

  • Verification Methodology Consulting
  • Turnkey Verification Project Outsourcing
  • Engineering Staff Outsourcing


Laying the necessary foundation for a functional verification project is a necessary requirement for successfully meeting project goals. Through our methodology consulting services, we help our clients architect and build state of the art verification environments. We offer methodology consulting services on:

  • Tools that best meet project goals
  • Methodologies best suited to verification requirements
  • Verification environment architecture
  • Verification plan organization
  • Regression plan and environment development


Often, having access to a needed expertise on short notice can mean the difference between meeting a deadline and missing the target altogether. Meanwhile, effectively meeting dynamic short and medium term staffing requirements can significantly help improve project flow. Through our workforce of experienced engineering professionals and extensive network of qualified engineers, we provide staff outsourcing services ranging from individual contributors to senior level technical positions.


Outsourcing functional verification as a turnkey project has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Two factors contribute to this trend.

  • The biggest source of functional bugs in a design starts with the misunderstanding of the original specification and then verifying the design functionality according tothe same misunderstanding. Separating the design team from the verification team significantly increases confidence in design functionality and therefore product quality.
  • A winning product is successful because of its features, and design micro-architecture. Often, functional verification, though an indispensable part of design cycle, is not where the core expertise of a design organization is vested. Outsourcing functional verification can effectively be out-sourced to organizations whose core expertise is in verification tools and methodologies.

To address this trend, we provide the following turnkey services:

  • Custom eRM compatible e Verification Component (eVC) development
  • Module and SOC verification from concept to 100% coverage


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